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Stay fit

February 20, 2020


With a view over Berlin, you can handle tasks for CMS Berlin as well as weights.

Here every task is mastered

I've been in the home office for a few weeks now and you would think that the walls are gradually moving closer together. Sometimes sitting at the big desk and sometimes on the new planted balcony with a view over Berlin, the working day can be varied and inspiring. Exercise and sports help to prevent the ceiling from falling on your head, the frequent trip to the fridge from being too much of a burden, and to keep the twitching neck in check.

Now, not only the jobs for CMS are done in Ziemann´s home.

Pull-ups with Jana Ziemann
My personal highlight in the home office is the possibility to have a short training session at any time. Besides the shaping of the CMS website I now have other things fully under control.